Waste to Energy generation in least processing time

5250 kg/day Plant Generates 1 Domestic LPG cylinder per day

Eligible for Carbon Credit

Bioenergen is a plant used for processing biodegradable waste (kitchen waste, waste food, vegetable refuses lawn cuttings, dry leaves, plants material etc.) in an environment friendly manner to generate Biogas.

It is seen as the most favoured option to deal with organic biodegradable solid waste, since it enables the generation of nutrient rich fertilizer and produces fuel in form of Biogas.

It offers an excellent alternative for decentralised processing of solid biodegradable waste and avoids the contamination of land fill sites.

These units are standardised and are in compact in size.

Capacities: 250 – 3000 kg/day

  • High biogas yield and high purity methane content
  • Waste to Energy generation in least processing time
  • Nutrient rich manure can be generated for landscaping and gardening
  • Zero garbage and Zero energy process
  • Eliminates dumping yard spaces
  • Maintenance of Hygienic environment
Utilization of Biogas & Manure:
  • Cooking Purpose
  • Process heating
  • Power Generation
  • Manure


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