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Bio Energen

Bio Energen


Bioenergen is a plant used for processing of biodegradable waste in an environment friendly manner to generate bio-gas. It is seen as the most favored option to deal with organic bio-degradable solid waste, since it enable the generation of a nutrient rich fertilizer and produces fuel in form of bio-gas. It offers an excellent alternative for decentralized processing of solid biogradable waste and avoids the contamination of land-fill sites. Thermax present s a cleaner technology promoting clean Development Mechanism. The units are standardize and are compact in size.

Standard Capacities

250,500, 750 &1000 kg/day kitchen waste processing #Customized Capacities on request

Advantages of Bioenergen
  • High biogas yield.
  • High Purity methane content.
  • Uninterrupted processing without frequent addition of bioinoculant.
  • Waste to Energy generation in least processing time.
  • Residue can be used as manure.
  • Saves the transportation cost of carrying waste to disposal site.
  • Saves equivalent amount of fossil fuel.
  • Eliminates dumping yard spaces.
  • Indirect health benefits - hygienic environment is maintained .
  • Eligible for carbon credit.