How Technology Has Improved Power Generating Solutions In 2022

How Technology Has Improved Power Generating Solutions In 2022

How Technology Has Improved Power Generating Solutions In 2022

India, like any other growing country, cannot afford to ignore the critical role of the electricity sector in driving its natural growth. All other sectors require a consistent and stable power supply for the economy to function and flourish. Therefore a growth in rooftop solar power plants and other similar technologies is growing in recent years.

What distinguishes India is that it is the fifth greatest producer and user of electricity, with a capacity of 302 gigatonnes (GW). Even though gross electricity output increased from a meagre 1,743-megawatt-hour (MWh) in 1950-51 to 278,733 MWh in 2015, the energy industry is undergoing a significant technological transition that will push the boundaries of traditional energy delivery routes. 

The new wave of technology is bringing feasible alternatives that have the potential to increase the extent to which we use natural sources rather than traditional fossil fuels. These unique prospects provide innovative and data-driven solutions that encourage the development of intelligent infrastructure with built-in digital intelligence, changing the approach and knowledge of how energy is generated, distributed, managed, and stored. 

In addition, concerns about climate change and its consequences have influenced customers to reconsider their energy sources and shift toward sustainability. Renewable energy is regarded as the most sustainable approach, with the ability to lower the footprint and the cost of energy utility. 


Innovation In The Energy Sector That Are Revolutionary

Automation and data have profoundly affected production processes, increasing efficiency within industrial environments. Innovative technology has invaded the energy sector, stamping the birth of "Energy 4.0," or the digital resuscitation of the industry. 

The technology mentioned above has revolutionized how energy and utility businesses conduct business, communicate with customers, and interact with them. On a technological level, it has significantly improved the operation flow and performance optimization and helped develop intelligent grids and better managed renewable energy. 

As a result of these technological changes, a new wave of solution ideas for integrating technology and its supporting systems into new business strategies and models has emerged. The rapid evolution of technology that we use economically and individually drives the global electricity demand. 

Some technological sectors might have a massive influence in 2022. Many of them are interrelated, and we'll go over them in greater depth in the future. For the time being, though, these are the technologies driving the evolution of the energy sector in 2022:

  • Energy Storing

The market is predicted to be driven by falling lithium battery prices, sectorial integration, an increase in green hydrogen, and the continued roll-out of gigafactories. "Investment in large-scale battery storage facilities will inevitably follow to support the expansion in the wind and solar energy generation," says Chris Holmes, the co-lead investment adviser of the John Laing Environmental Fund. Storage will be transformative in value-stacking, or the ability to perform several energy services simultaneously, such as frequency control, load balancing, and broader grid management services.

  • Solar Energy

According to IHS Markit, yearly solar installations will increase by more than 30% in 2021, following a fluctuating demand in 2020. Perovskite has strong expectations because of recent efficiency advancements. However, it may take some time before it is completely commercialized. Growth in floating solar is one to monitor since it allows solar to bypass the land/energy conflict. Still, sectoral integration is likely to be the main emphasis, particularly in agrivoltaics.

  • Wind Energy

The size of turbines will continue to increase, and floating wind will open up new areas for offshore development (up to ten times current availability), with the first commercial floating capacity auction planned this year. With the creation of an Orsted-led collaboration to investigate recycling across the supply chain, sustainability will be a significant priority as the sector investigates how to recycle blades. Shell recently announced the acquisition of a controlling share in the Emerald floating wind project in the Celtic Sea, indicating that the oil and gas business recognizes offshore wind as a promising transition opportunity. According to IHS Markit, offshore wind will nearly double its deployed capacity to 10GW this year.

The construction of adequate infrastructure is critical to creating a robust, adaptable, and sustainable grid. However, suppose we are to realize the promise of intelligent, clean cities. In that case, we will need more effective protection, control, automation, and communication systems - not just to manage the grid itself but also all of the gadgets connected to it. 

As the grid becomes smarter, there will be a greater need for AI solutions to handle the complexity of operations. This will allow for more environmentally friendly procedures in implementing predictive maintenance of solar and wind arrays. 

It might also play a vital role in the corporate energy market, allowing corporations to minimize energy use and even help to reduce emissions by controlling a dynamic network of energy sources.

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