Cyclotherm - VTCY

Cyclotherm - VTCY

A solid fuel fired Vertical Thermopac with Cyclonic Combustor

Cycloidal air injection leading to High Residence time, Less Excess Air and Minimised incomplete combustion losses.

Maximisation of available heat transfer area. In case of conventional Thermopac only inner surface of radiant coil takes part in heat transfer. In VTcy both inner and outer surfaces contribute in heat transfer.

  • Less external exposed surface reducing the radiation losses.
  • Less Air Ingreation avoiding unwanted combustion air in turn reducing the excess air %.
  • Highest Efficiency for a prolonged period
  • Substantial reduction in the Erection cost
  • 50% reduction in footprint area.
  • 60% reduction in refractory cost (material + Labor).
  • @10% reduction in overall height leading to substantial reduction in boiler house construction cost.
  • Reduction in Erection activity.
  • Range: 01, 02, 04, 06,10 & 15 L kCal/Hr
  • Fuel:Wood, Briquette, Coal


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