Dewatering Pump

Dewatering & Sewage Pumps

WQ Series (CNP-TSURUMI JV Products)
  • Pumping of waste water / sewage
  • Specially suitable for hotel & Kitchen waste
  • Transfer of Industrial Waste Water
J - Series
  • Sewage - effluent transfer
  • Drainage water transfer
  • Hotel & hospital waste transfer
  • Mining & construction application.
SP - Series Non-clogging Self-priming Sewage Pump
  • Rain water & common
  • Municipal drainage project, construction site, drainage station of people's air defense system industrial sewage of light industry paper mill, textile, food processing plant, chemical industry, electric utility, deep mines, etc.
  • Sewage & deposit of water purifying system
  • Tanning industry, sewage of slaughter house, fish breeding in the river & pond wine & sugar industry


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