Boiler House Products & Monitoring Equipments



A state of the art efficiency monitoring system which takes inputs from key field instruments and gives performance efficiency of combustion equipment.

Product Features
  • Standard package displays continuous monitoring of 15+ parameters in general accordance to BS 845
  • Improvement in efficiency due to better operation of boiler / heater, as continuous performance monitoring is done
  • PC communication through ethernet using SCADA for online trending and historical data analysis that helps in better load management and preventive maintenance
  • Special tool in SCADA is the ‘Master Analyst' to analyse graphical trends online as well as historical
  • Alarms and alarm reporting
  • Fully up gradable input channels permit connection of additional field instruments


For accurate and reliable in-situ oxygen monitoring in boiler flue gas.

Product Features
  • Proven and reliable zirconia based oxygen sensor with longer life
  • Can be used as a combustion efficiency monitor
  • Two 4- 20mA analogue outputs for retransmission
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Factory calibrated
  • Delivered as a complete package along with accessories and cables


Centrifugal oil filtration system to remove sediments up to 0.25 Microns from furnace oil for effective combustion, trouble free & cost effective operation. It is offered for thermal oil cleaning application as well.

Magnetic Level Gauge

Monitoring of Liquid level in storage tanks by visual indication.

Product Features
  • SS construction ensures corrosion resistant design and longer life
  • High quality display glass ensure clear visibility
  • Bi color display discs give clear visibility even from a distance
  • Lengths available at difference of 100/ 200 mm giving high installation flexibility
  • Useful for liquid tanks, boiler feed water tanks & fuel oil tanks
  • Installation of monostable switches for low & high levels for pump on/off available

Steam Flow Meter

A fit & forget steam measurement system Steam Flow Meter is suitable for measurement of mass flow of saturated steam.

Water Flow Meter

It measures volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids in closed piping systems. It has an excellent accuracy and flow range ability, suitable for wide range of corrosive, abrasive and liquid applications.

Other Products

  • Blow-down Heat Recovery System
  • Surface Automatic Blow-down Control System
  • Oil Flow Meters
  • Gas Flow Meters
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