Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Do you want to switch to renewable energy sources for your company? Think about the advantages of setting up a solar power plant on the roof. Our specialty at Nikhil Technochem is to provide dependable solar energy solutions, which makes us the top supplier in India. Our appliances are built to deliver clean, sustainable energy that lowers energy expenses and carbon footprints for commercial buildings.

First, let’s brush up on some basics!

What are rooftop solar power plants

These power plants are photovoltaic (PV) systems that are used in rooftop solar power plants to capture solar radiation and transform it into electrical power that can be used. Electrical wiring, mounting frames, solar panels, and inverters make up these systems. For instant consumption or storage, inverters transform the direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.

Benefits of rooftop solar power plant

If you are opting for Nikhil Technochem as your solar system supplier, then you are likely to enjoy the below-mentioned benefits!

Cost Savings

A major benefit of rooftop solar power plants is the substantial reduction in electricity expenditures. You can cut utility costs by decreasing or eliminating your reliance on grid power by producing your electricity with solar energy.

Environmentally friendly

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation. Using solar energy contributes to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

Energy independence

With rooftop solar, you become less dependent on external electricity sources. This is particularly advantageous during power outages or disruptions, ensuring continuous electricity supply.

Low maintenance

Rooftop solar panels require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional inspections are typically all that's needed to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Also, we have experts for installation, maintenance, and repairs at Nikhil Technochem: the top power system supplier.

Long-term investment

Installing a rooftop solar power plant is a long-term investment that adds value to your property. It can also serve as a hedge against future electricity price increases.

Commercial sector

Businesses can benefit from rooftop solar by lowering operational costs and demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Applications of rooftop solar power plants

Rooftop solar power plants have versatile applications across various sectors:

  • Hotel and resorts
  • Retail stores & shopping malls
  • Office buildings and business parks
  • Data centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Entertainment venues, etc.

Industrial sector

Industries can integrate solar power to offset energy-intensive operations and reduce carbon footprint.

Agricultural sector

Farms can use solar energy to power irrigation systems, livestock operations, and processing facilities.

Product portfolio

Thermax rooftop solar thermal product portfolio comprises non-imaging collector, parabolic dish, and parabolic trough technologies.

These solar rooftop concentrators are capable of delivering solar rooftop system solutions across a wide temperature spectrum (70-210°C) and can also be integrated with steam boilers, hot water generators, absorption cooling machines, etc.

Due to this rooftop solar power plant system solar energy can complement other systems using fossil fuels or electricity thus providing heating and process or comfort cooling solutions.

Thermax also provides solutions for community cooking needs through its parabolic dish-based system for large cooking requirements and small parabolic dish cooker for smaller segments. In the solar power segment, thermax’s portfolio comprises about 60 (completed and under execution) power/co-generation projects totaling approximately 2000 MW on a turnkey (EPC) basis for its clients.

This turnkey methodology coupled with an in-depth understanding of over 100 different fuels enables it to commission fast-track power plants with wide fuel flexibility and assured performance standards.

Thermax provides EPC and O&M services for solar thermal power projects and solar photovoltaic off-grid and grid-connected power projects. Leveraging its alliance for technology with reputed global players, for off-grid and grid-connected photovoltaic projects; Thermax ensures optimal value delivered across the project value chain.

Offgrid/solar power packs/solar retrofit systems

Capacity range : 1 KWp - 100 KWp(300 W - 1 KWp also available on special request)

Product features

  • Solar standalone systems
  • No dependency on electricity board / DG sets
  • No running cost
  • No noise pollution
  • Reliable, sturdy and efficient inverters & controllers
  • Minimum maintenance cost

Grid connected system/ rooftop solar power plant

Capacity range: 5 KWp - 1 MW

Product features

  • Green, clean and eco friendly
  • Battery less systems
  • Power fed to grid 220V 1Ph or 440V 3Ph or 11Kv
  • Reliable, sturdy and efficient PCUs
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • Highly efficient systems
  • Integrated data, event and fault logging

Turnkey projects

The main solutions and value processes that we can offer you for your rooftop solar power projects of MW scale are:

Complete execution of turn key projects-

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Project management (execution)
  • Supervision
  • Maintenance & servicing
  • Continuous monitoring of plant’s performance
  • Plants Evaluation, Optimization & Improvements

Why choose Nikhil Technochem?

Nikhil Technochem stands out as a leading rooftop solar system supplier in India for several reasons:


We are a team of first-generation entrepreneurs who are mainly engineers with an abundance of experience in the field of energy and fuel economy. We have been in this business since 1984 and have worked closely with many industries in executing their projects with utmost efficiency.

Solutions that cost you less

One of the major reasons that we happen to be the top solar power system distributors in India is that we have selected the finest plants, ensuring efficient use. Thus, we reduce the overall installation and running costs so our customers can focus more on growing their businesses!

Blending old and new

We operate with the vision that it is always better to infuse the existing technologies with the new, and the same is true of our manpower to bring forth innovation!

Q1. What factors determine the suitability of my roof for solar panels?
The orientation, tilt, shading, and structural integrity of your roof are key factors in determining its suitability for solar panels.

Q2. How much space do I need on my roof for a solar power plant?
The space required depends on your energy consumption and the efficiency of the solar panels. Our team can conduct a site assessment to determine the optimal configuration.

Q3. Is there a warranty on solar panels and inverters?
Yes, solar panels and inverters come with warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years, ensuring peace of mind and long-term performance.
Rooftop Solar Power Plant


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