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Kirloskar Screw Compressors


Kirloskar Screw Compressors


The name Kirloskar is synonymous with quality and dependability in the engineering industry. Pioneering industrial revolution in India, Kirloskar group has contributed immensely in every field of its operation during its 120 year-long journey, and holds a place of repute in the industry for its good business values and customer focus.

Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd is in compressorbusiness since 1955 & is one of the core group companies. The company started its operations with the manufacture of Air Compressors and Pneumatic Tools. The company has also earned an enviable reputation for its Systems Engineering and Turnkey Project expertise.

Over the years, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. has developed various sophisticated and high-tech products in the above categories to cater to the demands of various industrial sectors. KPCL has also established a number of joint ventures and technology partnerships with leading global companies. It has earned the distinction of developing a host of advanced products to suit Indian conditions and has been continuously updating them to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

From a product manufacturer in the domestic market to a company offering total solutions – from designing systems to manufacturing customized products and systems, KPCL has come a long way. The customer-centric work culture along with technical excellence has been the hallmark of this success. The graduation was steady and strategically aimed at specific market segments. Our ultimate reward is a satisfied customer.


We manufacture these compressors in Skid Mounted Category with named KES 7 TO KES 11 (R1) KES 15 to KES 55 (R2 – R3 range) & KES 55 to KES 160 (R4 – R5 range) & in Tank Mounted category with named as KES 7 to KES 11, with the pressure ranging from 7.5 kg/cm²g to 13 kg/cm²g & capacity from 1.87 m³/min to 31.15 m³/min.

Salient Features
Ready to use :
  • No foundation is Required
Quality Air:
  • Efficient air / oil separation system ensures maximum oil recovery to minimise lub oil consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Specially designed silent canopy to facilitate effective ventilation and ease of maintenance
  • Microprocessor based efficient controller with necessary safety control systems and maintenance schedule
Cooling System:
  • Radiator type aluminum combi cooler with low noise fan & motor provided for effective cooling of lub oil and compessed air
Control Panel:
  • In built control panel housing MMI, µ controller, main motor auto star – delta starter, fan motor direct on-line starter & other control of the package
Air suction filter:
  • Dry type air filter protects the air end and ensures long life
Electric Motor:
  • Highly efficient, TEFC, Class F insulation, Foot cum Flange mounting, 4/2P, EFFI, IP55 protection motor is selected considering operating conditions at site
Service Centres:
  • Fully equipped Service Centres with trained engineers and spare parts stocks available across the country


  • Superior Pinion Bearing
  • Advanced lubrication system
  • Impellers
  • Intercooler
  • Maestro panel


  • Long service life and unlimited operating load
  • Self contained, low pressure system
  • Combine best features of semi-redial and backward leaning impellers
  • Easy removals without component dismantle
  • Ease-of-use and maximum operating efficiency

Technical Data

  • Power Rating
  • Discharge Pressure
  • Flow Capacity
  • Compressor Weight
  • 150-2250 HP / 112-1680 kW
  • 5.5-10.3 bar. G /80-150 psig
  • 15.6 – 334 m3/min / 550-11,800 CFM
  • 5.443kg /12.000 lbs Typical (Motor Dependent)