Steam Line Mountings

Disc Check Valve

Disc Check Valve

To permit flow of fluids in the pipeline in one direction only & to prevent its flow in the reverse direction.

  • Compact design
  • Fast installation
  • Soft seat like EPDM available
  • High flow area low pressure drop

Y Strainer

Y Strainer

It is used to remove suspended particles from steam/condensate lines.

  • SS construction with SS mesh screen
  • Available sizes are DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40 & DN50
  • This ensures an efficient and yet simple cleaning
  • Different screen aperture sizes available on request
  • The medium flows from the inside through the strainer, which retains any contaminant within the strainer instead of the housing.

Moisture Separator

To remove suspended water particles from steam line and supply dry steam to equipment increasing their operational efficiency.

Product Features
  • High efficiency removes up to 95% of moisture particles
  • Dry steam increases process equipment efficiency

Air & Gas Eliminator

To remove air/gas from Liquid Lines.

Product Features
  • Efficient air removal improves performance of liquid pumping systems by prevention of cavitation
  • Removal of air and non condensable gases from system avoid corrosion, noise and ensures proper priming of pumps
  • Better resistance to water hammer
  • Useful in water/Steam Condensate Lines
  • High Capacity Air/Gas Eliminator for TAE-25

Liquid Drainer

The RIFOX float controlled liquid drain trap RL 1090 and RL 1290 is maintainable buoyancy operated continuous discharge characteristic liquid drainer suitable for compressed air and compressed gasses.

Vacuum Breaker

To Prevent creation of vacuum in piping or equipment.

Product Features
  • Brass body with SS internals for TVB-16
  • SS body with SS internals for TVB-25
  • Corrosion resistant, longer life for TVB-25
  • Compact design
  • Used on condensing vapor (steam)
  • Used on atmospheric daearator/Boiler feed water tanks

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