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THERMEON -the low cost, reliable source of steam for small heating requirements

Sourcing a high reliability, high performance, small capacity (up to 1.5 tph) multi-fuel fired steam boiler at an affordable cost for their process heating use has long been a dream for most micro, small and medium enterprises.

Current choices available in the market are either low cost boilers that compromise on performance, safety and reliability, or reliable, safe and high performance boilers that require much higher investments.

It is to address this long felt customer need, that Thermax presents THERMEON - the multi-fuel fired steam boiler.

The best of safety, reliability, operational ease - all at an affordable cost

  • Steam generation and feed water with automatic controls thus reducing dependence on manual operation.
  • Balance draft system with forced draft and induced draft fan ensures no back firing and complete combustion
  • Stringent standards adopted for quality checks and testing,as per Indian Boiler Regulations
  • Superior components checked against stringent quality norms as per ISO 9001 certification e.g. feed water pump with SS internals.
  • Robust triplex grate bar in combustor for high reliability & High usable heat to process – 97% steam dryness.
  • Manufactured with state-of-the-art quality standards to ensure long lasting operation