Diesel Engine


2. Diesel Engine Driven Portable Air Compressors

KPCL Diesel Engine Driven Portable Compressors are used for applications like construction & mining, General engineering etc. These units cover a wide capacity range from 5 m³/min to 17 m³/min & pressure range from 7 kg/cm²g to 10 kg/cm²g.

Salient Features
  • Easy Portability:
    Large diameter wheels with balanced design of weight distribution facilitate easy portability
  • Quality Air:
    Efficient air / oil separation system ensures maximum oil recovery to minimise lub oil consumption and maintenance cost
  • Canopy:
    Specially designed silent canopy to facilitate effective ventilation and ease of maintenance
  • Controller:
    Microprocessor based efficient controller with necessary safety control systems and maintenance schedule
  • Cooling System:
    Radiator type aluminum combi cooler with low noise fan & motor provided for effective cooling of lub oil and compessed air
  • Control Panel:
    In built control panel housing MMI, µ controller, main motor auto star – delta starter, fan motor direct on-line starter & other control of the package
  • Air suction filter:
    Dry type air filter protects the air end and ensures long life
  • Electric Motor:
    Highly efficient, TEFC, Class F insulation, Foot cum Flange mounting, 4/2P, EFFI, IP55 protection motor is selected considering operating conditions at site
  • Service Centres:
    Fully equipped Service Centres with trained engineers and spare parts stocks available across the country
3. KPCL Diesel Screw Compressors

KPCL Diesel Screw Compressors are the results of extensive know-how & experience of more than five decades in design, manufacturing, supply & installation of various capacities & pressures.

(A)Single Stage Diesel Screw Compressor :

A versatile range of Rotary Twin Screw air Compressors, with capacity range from 7 cubic meter per minute (250 cfm) to 25 cub ic meter per minute (900 cfm) at working pressure up to 14 kg per square centimeter-gram (200psig).

Salient Features
  • Provision of efficient oil separators
  • Light weight and compact
  • Minimum fuel consumption
  • Specially design canopy
  • Lower water, lube oil & air delivery temperature
  • Unique single lever unloading system
(B)Two Stage High Pressure Diesel Screw Compressor:

KPCL’s Two stage high pressure diesel screw compressor having normal capacity ranges from 28 m³/min (1000 cfm) to 31 m³/min (1100 cfm) at working pressure up to 17.5 kg/cm²g (250psig) to 21 kg/cm²g (300psig).

Salient Features
  • Lower Power consumption
  • highly energy efficient
  • Efficient 4 stages Oil / Air separation system Clean air
  • Vibration free silent working
  • Specially design canopy
  • Lower working temperature of oil, water & air
  • Efficient synchronous step-less capacity control
  • Sturdy air cooled oil cooler with anti-vibration mounts
  • Light weight and compact
  • Mining works
  • Water Well drilling
  • Canal & tunnel works
  • Quarries
  • Repowering of old rigs
  • Stand-by units for electric compressors in industries
4. Centrifugal Air Compressors

KPCL has a technical tie-up with Cameron Compression of USA for packaging and marketing Centrifugal Air Compressors in India. Designed with a capacity up to 20,000 Cubic meter per hour, Cameron’s plant air series 3 stage, oil free, air compressor, finds its application in power, steel, automobile, textile, general engineering, air separation and pharmaceutical sectors.

Salient Features
  • 100% Oil-Free Air, hence higher product quality and lower operating cost
  • Easy to maintain, no disassembly required, online element replacement facility
  • Reliable & efficient operation
  • Best specific power amongst any three stage compressors in its class
  • Very low Life Cycle cost
  • State-of-the-art, energy saving controls
  • Deliver greater flow for every kW
Salient Features

Guide vanesWhen system demand is less than 100%, capacity vanes reduce the air flow in to the air compressor, reducing power consumption


  • Superior Pinion Bearing
  • Advanced lubrication system
  • Impellers
  • Intercooler
  • Maestro panel


  • Long service life and unlimited operating load
  • Self contained, low pressure system
  • Combine best features of semi-redial and backward leaning impellers
  • Easy removals without component dismantle
  • Ease-of-use and maximum operating efficiency

Technical Data

  • Power Rating
  • Discharge Pressure
  • Flow Capacity
  • Compressor Weight
  • 150-2250 HP / 112-1680 kW
  • 5.5-10.3 bar. G /80-150 psig
  • 15.6 – 334 m3/min / 550-11,800 CFM
  • 5.443kg /12.000 lbs Typical (Motor Dependent)
5. After Sales Service & Spare Parts

Air Compressor Division (ACD) provides after sales service (for products in warranty & out of warranty) through Head Office and its wide spread network of branch offices, channel partners, service franchisees.
The Spare Parts Division caters to the need of all spare parts of Vertical Reciprocating Compressors, Balance Opposed Piston Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, Screw Compressors, Railway Brake Compressors and exhausters, High Pressure compressors used in Oil. This is further supported by a well spread Dealers Network all over India.
Our stockist dealers keep most spares & consumables. We can also offer spare parts against specific enquiry based on manufacturer part numbers.

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