Praj Bio Products

Praj Bio Products

Praj Biotech Produts Division serves the process needs of bioethanol, brewery and sugar industry through production and supply of biotechnology based formulations which enhance the performance of the process plant.

Praj Biotech Products Division characterizes the vast experience and expertise of Praj in the domain of process engineering, installation and operation of process plants including ethanol, brewery, sugar, starch etc in over 50 countries across 5 continents. The division combines the knowledge of biotechnology, microbiology, engineering and operations to delivery products that have been successfully tried and tested. The products are manufactured in accordance with GMP standards.

Apart from biotech formulations, the division also provides value added services including:
1. Technical Audits for Processes within distilleries and breweries
2. Marking Performance Improvements
3. Analytical Services
4. Process Operations Training to Plant Staff

Praj Biotech Products are well supported by qualified professionals and a network of local associates who provide customer service on 24x7 basis.
Aprart from that, A GMP certified manufacturing facility of over 40,000 sq. ft in India, Air Classified zones for sterile and hygienic products and Dedicated Product Application and QC Labs that assists in manufacturing microbes, enzymes, performance biochemicals and natrition products.

Praj is leading turnkey project engineering company licensing technology and supply of plant and machinery to set up bioethanol/beverage alcohol plant. Praj has cutting edge solutions for improving performance and sustainability in distillery operations. 0ur offerings for the same are
A) Distilleries:
1. Active Dry Yeast for beverage alcohol/ENA
2. Fermentation Performance Enhancer (FPE)
i. Molsafe® – Preservative for molasses storage tank
ii. Effymoll Plus: FPE for distillery operation on molasses C
iii. Effycane®- FPE for distillery operation on Sugarcane Syrup
iv. Fermstab® –FPE for distillery operation on Syrup/ B Heavy molasses with Spent Wash Recycle

B) Sugar Factory:
i. Juicesafe®: Mill sanitising agent
ii. Juicezyme-D®: Reduction of Dextran in sugarcane juice
iii. Juicezyme-A®: Reduction of starch in sugarcane juice
iv. Viscosafe®: reduction of viscosity in sugar processing
v. Coltreat®: improvement of sugar color
vi. Scaltreat®: Additive for cleaning of evaporator



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