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Fludised Areobic Bio-Reactor(FABX)

Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FABX), the space and power saving technology is a better alternative to conventional wastewater treatment plants that are large-sized, power intensive and require a lot of monitoring.

FAB offers an effective option to the conventional systems made unviable due to scarcity of open space, geographical network of piping, high power and land cost.

Salient feature
  • Skid mounted : Quick & Easy installation
  • Odourless operations, with a selfregulating system
  • Pre-engineered : Low Cost & Fast Delivery
  • Achieve < 5 BOD ppm without using UF membranes
  • Achieve < 5 TSS ppm without PAC + PE dosing
  • Compact plants with high loading rates
  • Reduced power & chemical consumption
  • Reduced Electro mechanical components
  • Non-clogging design, better oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Attached growth process, low sludge production, no sludge recycling or monitoring of M.L.S.S.
  • Easy Transportation
Market Segments
  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • SEZ
  • Residential colonies
Options Available
  • Capacity -15 m3/day and above
  • Prefabricated units
  • Civil units
  • Fully automated units
  • Recycling for gardening, flushing, car wash and cooling towers
  • Sludge handling - filter press, centrifuge, sludge drying bed and sludge holding tank
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