Installation Commissioing

Installation Commissioing

Installation Commissioing
Supervision of Erection & Commissioning

1. All Units comes in fully / partially assembled condition. Unloading and assembling at site of the Boiler, its accessories, mountings and fittings have to be done.

2. The services of our Engineer, who would offer guidance and supervision in this matter would be available at the charges mentioned in the Commercial schedule.

3. This activity covers :

  • Drawings : Terminal point, layout, foundation details (not foundation design) electrical wiring diagram and P&I diagram.
  • Technical Documentation : Installation / Operation and Maintenance Manual.
  • Guidance on Selection & installation of Boiler house accessories and commissioning.
  • Training at Site : For purpose of user’s education for equipment operation and maintenance.

4. This service charge does not include:

  • Labour (skilled and unskilled)
  • Tools and tackles
  • Utilities (including power, water, compressed air, fuel, gas etc.)
  • Consumables etc.

5. This charge does not include fees payable for inspection of the Boiler and its accessories, if any by any Govt or any agencies. All such charges are to be paid and dealt by the purchaser directly.

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