Sugar Chemical


Thermax offers a range of speciality sugar chemicals. Our range includes organic and inorganic antiscalants, biocides and sugar juice clarifications.

Sugar Mill Sanitation Biocides

SH-401 is a caramate based microbiocide specially formulated to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi in cane sugar mills.

These chemicals are highly effective against acid producing bacterial and fungi found in sugar mills. It also improves  sugar recovery from stored sugar by reducing bacterial sugar inversion. SH-401 also inhibits enzyme action for the time between crushing of cane and lime neutralisation.

Evaporator Anti-Scalants

Maxtreat-4000 is a multi-component liquid chemical specially formulated to inhibit scale formation in sugar cane juice evaporators and vacuum pans.

Improved Heat Transfer

Powerful active agent in Maxtreat-4000 keeps heat transfer surfaces clean and free from excessive deposition. Maxtreat-4000 contains a sequestering agent which keeps calcium and magnesium salts as water soluble complexes preventing them from scaling. Depending upon the nature of scale forming compound, dosage of Maxtreat-4000 can be adjusted to improve the capacity of evaporation.


Canefloc is a highly effective coagulant for separation of suspended solids in sugar juice. This product is use in the sugar juice clarifier and for sugar mud filtration. A high charge density anionic polymer, it helps in flocculation of suspended matter forming dense, easy setting flocs. The anionic nature and higher molecular weight of Canefloc helps in formation of dense flocculation. Therefore, the volume of mud generated is reduced and solids in clarifier bottom increase. The higher molecular weight of Canefloc helps in formation of tough flocs, which improves filter ability of mud and loss of juice in mud is reduced.

Viscosity Reducer

Maxtreat 4025 helps in: improving centrifugation efficiency and sugar colour;  better exhaustion of molasses; reduction of sugar losses & improving recovery.
By reducing surface tension, Maxtreat 4025 improves boiling efficiency, crystallisation, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses, resulting in improved sugar crystals and sugar recovery. This improves fluidity, reduces boiling time and improves circulation.



  • Maxtreat – 4000
  • Maxtreat SH – 401
  • Maxquat – 50
  • Canefloc – S
  • Maxtreat – 4025
  • Tulsion A – 72 MP
  • Tulsion A 30 MP


  • Evaporator anti – scalant
  • Mill sanitation
  • Mill sanitation
  • Juice clarification
  • Viscosity reducer
  • Sugar decolourisation, Organic removal
  • Sugar remelt decolourisation


  • Inorganic scale inhibitor
  • Carbonate based
  • Quaternary ammonium based
  • High molecular weight polyelectrolyte
  • Improves centrifugation efficiency. Improves sugar colour, Better exhaustion of molasses, Reduces sugar losses & improves recovery
  • Polystyrenic Resin macroporous form for weak organic acid and color removal from water
  • Polyacrylic Resin macroporous form for removing colouring bodies from remelt sugar syrup
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